7 g Delta 8 Premium Flower Hybrid-Suver Haze


We decided to add this hybrid Sour Suver Haze CBD Flower to our list of CBD hemp flower cultivars treated with our Delta 8 cold infusion process because of its great taste and excellent flexibility in serving your needs both day and night. Perfect for quashing anxiety and creating an aura of relaxation, its calming effects are not so pervasive as to stop you from taking care of your responsibilities. You will be more inclined to find a perfect pace and zero in on your job, being more effective and productive thanks to the added focus you will get.

Flavors Available:

  • Indica -Bubba Kush
  • Indica -Grape Kush
  • Sativa -Hawaiian Haze
  • Sativa -Sour Diesel
  • Hybrid -Suver Haze
  • Hybrid -Blue Dream

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